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Keep Up With All The Online Reading You Want To Do With This Simple Action

How we keep up with all of the information that gets sent our way?
Keeping up with everything you want to read is an insurmountable task. And so it should be, the more you read, the more you’re interested in.
How can you manage it all? When it comes to information being sent to you there are a few ways you can take control.
Put everything you are interested in reading into a folder titled “Stuff I Want To Read”. When you have time to read, you can go straight to that folder.
The purpose of this folder is to gather all similar documents in one spot so when it is time to attend to those documents, there already gathered, you do not need to waste time searching for them or getting distracted by other things.
Creating folders can be done with three media platforms, email, websites, and Facebook.

  • Email: Make a folder along with all of the other folders.
  • Websites: Each web browser has a bookmark area. Within the bookmark you can make and manage folders. For most web browsers this means just opening up the bookmark column, and right clicking. You can drag and drop webpages in and out as you find them and read them.
    • Pocket: An additional feature to consider here is a ‘read-it-later’ service like Pocket. This service works with your web browser. Instead of hitting the Bookmark button, you hit the Pocket button. The webpage will be saved there, and will be available across all of your devices.
  • Facebook: On the top right side of each post there is an option to save the post. This allows you to go back to the post at a more convenient time

Creating a distinct folder will prevent you from getting distracted by all of the other content, like emails, news feeds, or websites.

Great Software Solution for Creating Graphics

Great software for creating graphics -pencil crayons

A great, useful image-creating solution for communicators

One of my favourite aspects of being a nonprofit professional is how uncomplicated some things can be to accomplish. If I have an idea, and the desire to see the idea to fruition, it can be done. It is not necessary for meetings, belabouring bureaucractic processes, and permission from numerous departments. For example, I don’t need a marketing expert to communicate with stakeholders. However, sometimes it would be great to have a marketing expert to communicate with stakeholders.
If you need to execute a task professionally, which is outside of your skill set, having the right software solution can be your best colleague.
So, for nonprofit professionals who need to communicate well, allow me introduce you to Canva, < >. It is a web-based software solution that allows users to create professional looking graphics, with ease. Canva can be used to create an image, alter an existing image, or give a bit of spice to otherwise plain text. My favourite feature of Canva is the pre-formatted sizes. It is not necessary for you to know the exact size of the graphic you want to make; you can simply select what it’s for -documents, digital marketing material, or social media headers and posts. And best of all, it’s free!

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