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Seven Steps to Reclaiming Your Desktop

Seven Steps to Reclaiming Your Desktop

  A few weeks back we wrote about de-cluttering your email’s inbox. Today we’ll tackle your desktop.   Your digital desktop is like your physical desktop. A screen filled with file icons is like a desk with massive piles of paper. The main issue with disorganization like this, is not being able to use the […]

Five Steps to Organized Information

Cluttered Desk

Organizing your information will help avoid over-retention and clutter, save time, and prevent duplication.   When I am very busy, I tackle work by cleaning up my desk, and then making a list of what I must get done. Starting by organizing allows me to clear clutter; not just physically, but mentally as well. It […]

Optimizing Search Engines with Information Management Principles

Newspaper plane

  Is SEO just information management? Well, maybe not quite, but it sure helps!   For the past few months I have been working on a lengthy search engine optimization (SEO) project and as an information guru, it has been truly fascinating!   The job of a search engine is to respond to a user’s […]

Great Software Solution for Creating Graphics

Great software for creating graphics -pencil crayons

A great, useful image-creating solution for communicators One of my favourite aspects of being a nonprofit professional is how uncomplicated some things can be to accomplish. If I have an idea, and the desire to see the idea to fruition, it can be done. It is not necessary for meetings, belabouring bureaucractic processes, and permission […]

The Cost of Employee Transition

The Cost of Employee Transition

I read an article last week about someone, describing herself as “typical millennial,” has had seven jobs in seven years. If this much transition is typical, imagine how much time and information gets lost between employees? With each new employee, organizations spend time, (and therefore money) getting them up to speed; and as each former […]

Be a Curator of Information

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How do you stay informed?   If you are responsible for being an expert about a specific topic it is very important to stay informed on that topic. How do you do that? You can curate information using Google Alerts. By using this feature you will receive a message when content you have tagged as […]

An Accessible Website in 12 Steps

Accessible Websites mouse with accessibility icon

Information is being put online at a dramatic pace. According to IBM, 90% of the data in the world has been added in just the past two year alone! People who could not previously access information now can. And because of this, each person’s ability to learn, communicate, and share information has been drastically changed. […]

What We Do

Services Connected. Circles connected with lines.

Services in Action is an information centre for nonprofits, established to help you help your community and the people you serve.   Our (free) services include: Information and Tool Sharing: We specialize in finding the unfindable and getting access to services that don’t seem to exist. By learning about other organizations in your area you […]

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