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Coming Soon! At Services in Action we’re always looking for new ways to help you help others. And we’re not alone. There are many companies and consultants who work to make the nonprofit industry strong, capable, and successful.

Finding the company or consultant which is the best fit for your organization can be challenging and time consuming. So we’re going to simplify the process.

Coming soon to our website will be a Search & Review section which will allow you to search using keywords or browse through categories to find what you are looking. You will also be able to read reviews and ratings posted by their previous clients; your industry colleagues. So, before you spend what little money your budget has, or take a proposal to the Board, you can check what your colleagues in the industry recommend!
Want to have your say? Click here to write a review about a consultant or vendor who has helped your nonprofit.

Are you a consultant or vendor? Join our list of third party service suppliers. Click here to fill out a profile.

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