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Five Steps to Organized Information

Cluttered Desk

Organizing your information will help avoid over-retention and clutter, save time, and prevent duplication.   When I am very busy, I tackle work by cleaning up my desk, and then making a list of what I must get done. Starting by organizing allows me to clear clutter; not just physically, but mentally as well. It […]

Day of the Girl 2015

Day of the Girl 2015

  October 11th is the fourth annual International Day of the Girl. This movement was established by the UN to generate awareness, stand up for girls and speak out against gender bias, everywhere. This day recognizes girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face.   This year’s theme focuses on adolescent girls and the Sustainable […]

How to Respond to the Refugee Crisis

Check marks on a list

If you’re connected to any media outlet today you’ve probably heard about the tragic death of the little boy who, with his family, tried to enter Canada. People desperately trying to escape the civil war in Syria are not just an EU problem. What can you do about it? Write to your government representative asking […]

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