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Building an Incinerator

We’re turning our attention to AFSCO and a project they have been asked to support. 

The African Friends Service Community, (AFSCO) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving their community. AFSCO is lead by Bampalana Mohammed. He has devoted his life to helping others, especially orphaned and vulnerable children. His Facebook feed tells the story of a passionate and endlessly caring person, with a few breathtaking photos of the Nile.

Recently, a local school asked AFSCO for help. They need an incinerator.

Nakanyonyi Primary School is located in Jinja, Uganda. The school opened in 1959 and currently has 2267 students enrolled; 1044 are boys, 1223 are girls, there are 43 teachers, and 20 support staff.

The academic performance of girls is affected by menstruation. Girls often miss school because dealing with their period is more difficult outside of their home. Like all menstruating people, they are asking for privacy, a clean space, running water, and discretion. The bathrooms at the school are latrines, without running water. The administration believes the best way they can support the girls at their school is having an incinerator for them to use, near the bathroom, to dispose of their menstrual products discretely and hygienically.

The construction of an incinerator is part of a larger project to improve menstrual hygiene and hand washing for the students.

The construction of the incinerator is approximately $3,000.00 USD. Or $2.45 per female student.

I encourage you to get to know AFSCO and consider helping them help the girls of Nakanyonyi Primary School.

2021 Book Club For Nonprofit Professionals

We are launching our first ever book club.

Joining the book club is simple. Get started by sending us a message to let us know you’re here, buy or borrow the books, and get reading. Since we are in different time zones and have complicated schedules, we are going to participate in a conversation throughout the month, rather than at the end, using a Facebook Group. We will all be able to post replies and comments as we work through the books together.  

The books will be:

At Services in Action, our mission is to help nonprofit professionals find the information, resources, and tools they need to serve their community well. So, it seems fitting to build up nonprofit professions through the challenge and development offered by books. Individually we can learn and growth, and together we can learn to apply these lessons to our service.

Join us on this journey. I’m not sure where exactly it will take us, but it wont be in the same place we are right now.


Shopping CartMany of our partner organizations engage in income generating activities to earn money for their communities. Some of the activities involve making handicrafts including greeting cards, jewellery, handbags, and other items. We have some of these items available to for purchase. When you purchase items from here you are directly helping the communities we serve. Please visit the Community Market.

The Community Market

Services in Action is an information centre. Our mandate is to help you help others. To do this we provide access to tools, information, and resources. We are launching a series of webinars on topics important to our community. Please visit the Educational Webinar section regularly as we will be building this section.

Educational Webinars

What We’ve Done

Clip boardServices in Action has enjoyed the privileged of working with incredible people around the world. Here are a few of the projects we’ve worked on over the years:

Partners for Real Change   Initially, our work began helping PARC connect with volunteers and some website support. Eventually, it came time for PARC to rebrand and create a new website to tell their story, so we sat down together to make this happen.  PARC provides support to their community in many ways, through education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and support for sustainable local projects. It is important that people get the support they need to reach their full potential. We created this website for PARC so they can present their work to their online community and we design graphics for them to share their progress. Take a look at all they do here:

Community Action For Rural Women’s Empowerment
Recently we were contacted by Community Action For Rural Women’s Empowerment (CARUWE), an organization founded by women, run by women, to support women in Uganda and the DR Congo. A new website was a the top of their wish list. They had out grown their previous one and wanted a refreshing, sophisticated website that would reflect their organization. And voilà,
We created this website so CARUWE can tell their story, share their work, and connect with their community and supporters; which was easy to do, given just how innovative, well organized, and responsive CARUWE’s team is!

Kalamba Community Development Organization
In 2013, the Executive Director of the Kambala Community Development Organisation, Fredrick Bombo contacted Services in Action to establish a partnership. For the past year, we have shared success stories, challenges, and ideas to improve the communities we serve. One goal for KCDO was to build a website that would help them share their story. That’s something we could help with. In just a few weeks we built a website that showcases their work, programs, activities, and goals –all free of charge! Take a look at their website here: Contact us for more information on how we can help build a website for you or improve on your existing site.


Tiffany has the great privilege of working with ArtBridges/ToileDesArts for the past few years getting their new membership program up and running. It is exciting for ArtBridges because the membership program helps expand their network with community arts initiatives in Canada. Membership also means that their community believes ArtBridges can help represent their interests. Memberships take organizations to the next level and also create a greater sense of community.

To ensure ArtBridges was in the best position to launch a Membership Program extensive research was conducted reaching out to organizations nationally and around the world to learn about other community arts networks. During this time we learned that community-engaged arts initiatives are doing incredible things for communities and individuals; the leaders of these initiatives are eager to share what they’ve learned to drive community arts initiatives to new places; and through collaboration, active participation, and support ArtBridges can be a valuable resource for community-engaged arts initiatives. Membership helps projects like ArtBridges have a stronger voice.
If you are part of a community-engaged arts initiative, check out the ArtBridges website.
Chibolya Education and Health Organization
CEHO has taken on the immense task of building a school for the children of Chibolya, Zambia. As they complete the final stages of construction, they are looking for support for the three teachers who have been hired to teach the one hundred primary level children. After an exhaustive and unsuccessful search for professional development material and resources for the teachers, Services in Action asked some teachers in Canada for their advice. With a pile of great books, dvds and websites, we were able to give CEHO’s teachers some great information on reading, writing, mathematics, classroom management and early childhood development. Because of the nature of this project, this is a work in progress. We will be working closely with the teachers of CEHO to continue helping them find the resources that are best for them and their students. Check out the photos of the Chiboyla school’s progress

Clemency Uganda
On May 4, 2012, the children of Clemency Uganda received a long awaited package. It contained 13 basket and volley balls, 9 team shorts and 9 shin guard covers. Clemency Uganda’s sports program allows orphaned and other vulnerable children of Jinja to participate in games, develop their skills, promote mental and physical wellbeing of children, and promote the participation of girls in sport and school.

There are many people who contributed to this achievement. We would like to thank the Country Day School who donated the equipment, our Advisory Committee Chair, Sonya Barbezat, who was able to secure a significant discount with a courier company, and friends of Services in Action for topping off the cost by funding the remaining kilometres of the journey. Check out the photos of the children playing with their new equipment.

The Wish List Partnership
One of our ongoing initiatives is with a Toronto based junk removal company and local shelters and community centres. Each day the junk removal company picks up unwanted items from businesses and homes. When they come across items that are gently used, they refer to the wish-list provided by local shelters and community centres. If the item is not needed right away, they can put it in their storage facility.

One of the most difficult steps for charities managing in kind donations is finding a truck to pick up or drop off items, something the junk removal company can do very easily. And what’s in it for the junk removers? They can reduce their dump fees and the amount of waste they send to landfills. If you would like to get involved in this partnership, let us know

The Welcome Centre
The Welcome Centre offers new immigrants assistance settling in to their lives in Canada. Although the staff provide employment counselling, language classes, accreditation information and other integration services, they are often asked questions related to immigration. Frequently newcomers want to know more about PR status, visa requirements, or family sponsorship. So the staff at the Welcome Centre wanted to know more about the immigration process in Canada and know where to go when they had questions. They searched for immigration training courses and came up empty. Canadian laws require lengthy and intense training for licensed immigration practitioners who work for profit, but not for settlement workers. Finding a course on the basics of immigration in Canada is almost impossible.

After some searching and explaining, Services in Action was able to find a great immigration specialist. This trainer was able to tailor a four hour seminar about the different streams of immigration and how to navigate the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration website. The Welcome Centre provides settlement services for many new immigrants each year; this added training for the staff will have a great impact in the lives of their clients.


Here you will find information about the organizations in our network, the nonprofit industry, and important events happening in the world around us:



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