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This Thursday, February 25th is Digital Learning day. While the digital world has presented many new ways to facilitate learning, there are many aspects of the digital world that can inhibit learning. One aspect we frequently come up against is wading through endless streams of information that isn’t quite what we’re looking for.

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2020 Round Up

As we set goals for the year to come, it is important to recognize where we have come from. Despite many setbacks and struggles, some incredible strides were made.

We’ve had smoother years in the past. We’ve had easier years in the past. But this past year truly represents what Services in Action is:

Visit for the information services -the tools, resources, direction, and advice, and stay for the project that you just need someone to take care of for you!

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The Origin

My first job in the nonprofit sector was with a large, national charity. On the first day, I was being trained by the person whose job I was hired to fill. I asked about a magnet I saw which had another charity’s contact information.

“Oh,” she replied, “we get a lot of calls from people in the community we serve asking for support groups, which we don’t offer. So, I refer them there.”

“They provide support groups; I didn’t know that.” I said.

“I don’t actually know if they do, but the person in this role before me told me that’s what she did, so I did as well.”

“Well!” I thought to myself. “How irresponsible! Couldn’t you at least call and find out? That is one of the first things I will do.”

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Services ConnectedServices in Action is an information centre for nonprofits, established to help you help your community and the people you serve.

Our (free) services include:

  • Information and Tool Sharing: We specialize in finding the unfindable and getting access to services that don’t seem to exist. By learning about other organizations in your area you can ensure your clients get the best possible care.
  • Specialized Projects: We understand what it takes to turn an idea into a list of action items. If you’d like to get a project started, but don’t have the time, resources, or know how to begin, Services in Action can help you customize a plan to get you where you want to be.

Getting involved is easy.

Connect with us We’re here to listen to your ideas and problems and offer solutions. Email, call, or connect with us via video chat and tell us about the challenges you face. Find us on facebook, twitter, instagram, and LinkedIn to learn about what’s trending in the nonprofit industry and what’s happening with your colleagues. We love sharing great information, ideas, and tips. If you haven’t already, check out our Resources page to see if we have already done work that would help you.

The Service Review section on our website allows you to find third party contractors and vendors by using keywords or by browsing through categories. AND, you’ll also be able to read reviews and ratings posted by their previous clients, your industry colleagues. So, before you spend what little money your budget has or take a proposal to the Board, you can check what your colleagues in the industry recommend!

Join our network of nonprofits and benefit from our industry insight. By building partnerships and working with other organizations you can help your clients receive all of the support they need. Click here to join now.

We specialize in gathering and presenting information for nonprofit professionals so they can make quick, smart decisions.Information icon black and white

Our goal is to support the work of nonprofits and charities so they can serve their communities better. We think the best way to do this is to equip the people who work in the industry with the tools and information they need so they can be effective and efficient in conducting their work. We equip nonprofit professionals by presenting access to information in a clean, clear, and comprehensive format. We also provide ratings and reviews by industry peers.

Initially we set out to answer the question, how are there so many charities, and yet so many people still in need? In searching for the answer it became clear how much time the employees of charities spend on non-mission related work. Finding quality resources takes a lot of time and can be quite difficult, particularly if you don’t have reliable online access, understand industry-specific terms, or have time to spare.

Effective charities specialize in one specific area; yet the people they serve have complex needs. The people reached by nonprofits don’t need just one specialized service, and it’s not always easy for a nonprofit professional to know where to go for help.

If, for example, a charity’s mission was to build a school in a rural area and it raised enough money to do so, the charity would quickly discover there is a lot more to learning than just a school building. Children also need books and other tools, the ability to get to school, support from their family or caregivers, adequate food and clean water, and access to a healthcare provider. As well, the school needs reliable electricity and a teacher. Charities can end up spending much of their time on non-mission related work to fully address the needs of their clients.

We thought, why not create an information centre that helps you find solutions? You can tell us your ideas and we will help you turn them into realistic goals with a step by step plan. And if you need more specialized help, we can point you in the right direction, finding the right expert for your needs.

Services in Action has evolved into an information centre that gathers and presents information and reviews about the nonprofit industry. For example, if a fundraiser needs to hire a company to execute a direct marketing campaign they can search on our website, find a list of direct marketing providers, and read the ratings and reviews from people who previously used their services. Find out if their prices are competitive, if their work meets your standard, and who knows your industry best. It’s like yelp for nonprofit professionals.

To learn more about this exciting feature, visit the Service Review page.