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    • Introducing the Service Review

      Introducing the Service Review

      We are very pleased to introduce our brand new Service Review. Reading reviews before purchasing a service or product is becoming a typical step we take before spending money. We can read reviews about almost anything. It’s about time nonprofit pro...

      March 08, 2018
    • Write a Review

      Write a Review

        Sometimes having someone help you with your work takes more time than it’s worth; but other times it’s euphoric.   Help your nonprofit colleagues by sharing your experience working with third party service providers, vendors, and cons...

      February 08, 2018
    • Service Suppliers, Vendors, and Consultants

      Service Suppliers, Vendors, and Consultants

      Is your business helping nonprofits with their business?   There are many companies and consultants providing support to organizations in the nonprofit sector, but finding the best fit can be challenging. And as you are keenly aware, nonprofit organ...

      March 08, 2017

Seven Steps to Reclaiming Your Desktop

  How we keep up with all of the information that gets sent our way?   Keeping up with everything you want to read is an insurmountable task. And so it should be, the more you read, the more you’re interested in.   How can you manage it all? When it comes to information being […]

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Keep Up With All The Online Reading You Want To Do With This Simple Action

  How we keep up with all of the information that gets sent our way?   Keeping up with everything you want to read is an insurmountable task. And so it should be, the more you ...

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Seven Steps to Reclaiming Your Desktop

  A few weeks back we wrote about de-cluttering your email’s inbox. Today we’ll tackle your desktop.   Your digital desktop is like your physical desktop. A screen filled with ...

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Six Reasons For A Content Audit Of Your Nonprofit’s Website

  Content audits are a way of excel-ifying your website. With the help of a worksheet, all webpages, titles, descriptions, links to other pages, tags, and images are ...

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Cloud Storage Policy Comparison

Cloud storage is quickly becoming the storage preference for personal use and small organizations. One reason for this, is most technology services incorporate their cloud ...

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Four steps to a clutter-free inbox

  Is your inbox a dumping ground for any inbound communication? Here are 4 steps to take control right now.   Your inbox and desktop are the digital versions of your physical ...

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Back to School for Nonprofit Professionals

A great way to get the training you need, as you complete work projects.   There are so many resources to help nonprofit professionals learn a new skill.   The Center for ...

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Optimizing Search Engines with Information Management Principles

  Is SEO just information management? Well, maybe not quite, but it sure helps!   For the past few months I have been working on a lengthy search engine optimization ...

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The Cost of Employee Transition

I read an article last week about someone, describing herself as “typical millennial,” has had seven jobs in seven years. If this much transition is typical, imagine how much ...

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An Accessible Website in 12 Steps

Information is being put online at a dramatic pace. According to IBM, 90% of the data in the world has been added in just the past two year alone! People who could not ...

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