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An Information centre for nonprofits, established to help you help your community and the people you serve.


Professional development is an important part of all livelihoods, and not always easy to navigate. Here we provide information on how to way-make through your nonprofit career.

Information and Research

Nonprofit professionals need to be experts in a range of topics as well as make decisions quickly and efficiently. We can take on this task -find the best CRM solution, strategic planning program, fundraising software, and industry experts for you.

Project Mentorship

Turning an idea into a list of action items can be overwhelming. We can help you talk through your ideas and goals into actionable steps.

Information is a source of learning.

But unless it is organized, processed, and available

to the right people in a format for decision making,

it is a burden, not a benefit.

William Pollard

How To Organize Notes

We receive information from many, many sources -books, articles, podcasts, newsletters, social media, mainstream media, and IRL (in real life), of course.

Not always, but hopefully frequently enough, we learn something interesting, insightful, helpful, or all of the above. But then what? What do you do when you finish a book, good enough for notes in the margin?

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Four Steps to Organizing Overwhelm

We’re on what seems to be day 756 of lock-down. Children have only had 34 days of in-person school this year. While I am languishing, I also feel like I’m running on the fasted treadmill of my life. Perhaps you are experiencing something similar?

Nonprofit professionals notoriously wear many hats. In times like this, it’s okay to just hop from one urgent task to another at first, but this is unsustainable for strong program management. What’s more, when you actually do have time to work, it’s hard to know where and how to start. Follow these four steps to get started:

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Is Your Website Working For You?

One of the more surprising activities Services in Action has taken on is website development.

It’s surprising because it was never an area we actively pursued. However, in helping people organize a program, realize an idea, or communicate a mission, a website is an essential component. So evaluating and (re)designing websites became a natural part of our work.

Many times, our website work hasn’t even been for a nonprofit, but for someone on a tight budget. If this has you thinking about your own website, or lack thereof, here are six questions to ask your website:

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